1) What are the benefits of membership with AWN?

AWN member publications have equal voting rights, and retain one single share of the California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. Members can participate in the sales process by soliciting proposals for network advertising, making sales on behalf of the network and gaining compensation through established commissions. Members may choose to have elected representation on the AWN board of directors.

Additionally, members are sometimes highlighted on AWN marketing materials while non-member or affiliates are not. Members can gain access to the members only area of www.awn.org and also receive copies of the ad sales claim/prospect list and other sales and revenue reports.

2) What are non-members or AWN affiliate benefits?

Affiliate publications may receive network advertising sales through AWN and may be included on sales proposals at the discretion of the seller and AWN back office.
Affiliates are included on some AWN marketing materials.

3) What are the requirements for AWN membership?

Applicants for membership must be published weekly, carry no more than 75% advertising content, and no more than 33% non-local material. Newspapers must also exhibit sufficient public service through journalism and editorial distinction as a positive editorial alternative to mainstream journalism.

4) What about papers that do not publish strong alternative journalism?

AWN board of directors approved a membership admission clause that allowed Arts & Entertainment–oriented newspapers to become members under a separate classification.
There have been a few papers admitted under this category.

5) Why does AWN represent more than one publication in single markets?

There is no short answer to this question. First, at AWN’s incorporation in 1996 a number of markets with multiple papers were grandfathered membership immediately. Second, AWN was incorporated as nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, essentially accepting member applicants on a case-by-case basis on their own merits, regardless of whether another member was established in a given market. In 2000 this changed when AWN board members approved additional application guidelines for papers applying for membership in markets where AWN members were already established.

6) What are the guidelines for second papers applying in established markets?

In addition to satisfying all of the standard membership requirements, applicants must meet at least one of the following: a) add 50% or greater market reach, share or value. b) have substantially different readership, edit product, or distribution.

7) Do AWN members pay dues?

There is only a one-time membership application fee of $100. While there are no annual dues collected at this time, the AWN bylaws allow for the assessment of dues at any time not to exceed a total amount of $500 annually.

8) Are members financially liable for any the AWN corporation?

A member of AWN shall not, solely because of their membership be liable for the debts, obligations, or liabilities of AWN.

9) What grounds constitute termination of membership?

Membership can be terminated for any of the following reasons: resignation, dissolution of corporate members, business closure, nonpayment of dues, violation of the covenant relating to advertising prices (only prices that are a matter of public record), or any time a member no longer satisfies the qualification of membership as described in #3.

10) When and how can papers apply for membership?

Papers interested in applying for AWN membership should apply between January – April 2004. Applicants will be reviewed by the AWN membership committee in May and presented at the Annual Meeting in June each year. Application forms and additional information can be obtained by contacting Mark Hanzlik, Executive Director at 916-551-1770 x24 or Email Mark.

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